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ing around, make the campus lively,   anybody else.  The only thing we can   We are moving very fast. We need
              that is what is called campus life.   try is to try giving them that life, via   to slow down, take care of ourselves
              Campus is not a campus without the   online platforms. These platforms will   and spend time with family. We are
              students.                       help them to interact with their peers   chasing materialistic life, rather we
                                              and they can do some fun activities.  must take care of the environment
              So if I as an administrator is feeling                          and rejuvenate ourselves. Be more
              this way, what must the students be   If you can go back in time, what one
              feeling. They are missing it more than   lesson will you give humanity?  health conscious and have a value
                                                                              based life.
              KEY TAKEAWAYS

              It was a scintillating session, talking with the woman who is steering the
              ship in this stormy weather. Here are 7 things she said that you must take
              a note of.

                  »  In these times the most important thing is to take care of self and stay safe.
                  »  Technology should be embraced as it has all sorts of advantages. It can barring students close to their choice of in-
                   dustry while they are in their student life. Webinars and online video conferencing cam bring industry experts closer
                   to classes with students.
                  »  Graduating or graduated students must not be choosy right now about jobs. Experience can be gained from any job
                   and it is more important than profile and salary.
                  »  Now the jobs that will take off the market are going to be creative, technology based and more innovative.Thus learn
                   new skills that cater to these demands.
                  »  This is also the best time to give shape to the ideas that were once nurtured just in the mind. One can take a step
                   forward to execute their plans and test their skills.
                  »  One should learn from the pandemic that we are running way too fast. We must be more considerate towards what is
                   actually important in our life rather than chasing materialistic things. It is important to prioritise self care and health
                   and then rest of the things.
                  »  Staying positive and hopeful is important.

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