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already existing disaster management   those who can, will be asked to come.  Secondly, if they already have a job
              courses.                                                        then they should wait for the com-
                                              What are the common concerns of the
              Schools and Universities are adopt-  students and their parents that you   pany to ask them to join. In case there
                                                                              is no job in hand, then I suggest that
              ing innovative online tools and tech-  have come across in this pandemic   instead of waiting for ‘a particular job
              niques to teach students. Of these,   situation?                with a particular’ package, students
              what technology or methodology   One of the concerns are the exami-  should accept the offer that they have
              do you think will sustain, even if the   nations, especially the final year’s.   in hand. Experience is more impor-
              situation is all back to normal like   Students are worried about how the   tant than the profile and money. This
              before and physical classes resume?
                                              exams will be conducted and how the   experience will help them to get into
              Technology is going to be an integral   results will be declared. Their deci-  a better job as the situation improves.
              part of teaching and learning now,   sion to go for higher education or to
              even more than before. For example,   take up a job is based on this entire
              the webinars are so engaging and   thing.
              helpful as they bring the industry ex-  Secondly the students who got   Most importantly
              perts, global laureates, management   placed are worried about their future.   have patience and
              gurus to the computer screens of the   They don’t know when they will be
              students.                                                         do not lose hope.
                                              called for the job. In order to lessen
              I think the webinar must go on. We   their burden, we are constantly in   If you get a job
              will also continue MS team mode   talks with the companies. Some
              of interaction where the experts of   industries have asked the students   continue it and
              all the courses will interact with the   to join early and we have allowed it.   enhance your skills
              students every semester. Moreover,   However, in few industries, like hos-
              earlier if a faculty could not attend   pitality and tourism, the situation is a   and competencies.
              a class, the class was called off.   bit bad. In such cases we are counsel-  Keep a positive at-
              However, now if the faculty wants   ling and guiding the students.
              they can conduct online class even   Thirdly, students are worried about   titude, that is very
              if they are not physically present,   their admissions. Those who are   very important.
              thus classes will continue. We will   passing out this year and had plans to
              continue this too.                                                Industry might be
                                              take admission overseas, are feeling
              Lockdown has been lifted by the   helpless. We are guiding them and   going through a dif-
              center, however, many states are still   trying to figure out the best possible
              under it. Do you think it is a good   available options.          ficult time but that
              idea to go back to face to face teach-  So these are the 3 major concerns   doesn't mean that
              ing now?
                                              from the students: exams, placements   jobs are not there.
              No. Unless you have a 100% ac-  and admissions.
              commodation facility for faculty and   Parents on the other hand are majorly   Jobs are there.
              students, one cannot resume face to   asking about the safety and well   The old generation jobs are vanishing.
              face classes. It is not safe now. We   being of the students in the cam-  Now be ready to take up new genera-
              cannot monitor each and every one.    puses. Keeping this in mind, we are   tion jobs where creativity, technology
              It is risky now and at least for the   not conducting the physical classes.   and innovation is very important. Also
              coming semester, classes should be   However, there are students from   this is a very good opportunity for
              conducted through remote teaching   remote areas who cannot access   those who have an idea and want to
              methods only. Maybe we can start   online classes due to lack of internet   start a venture with it. This is the time
              face to face classes in December,   facility like students from Jammu   to test your skills.
              which also depend on the situation at   and Kashmir, north east and all. Many
              that time.                                                        Amity University is known for its
                                              such students, who have booked their   campus. The campus life is talked
              But what about lab work and practi-  seats in the hostels are welcome to   about among the students and is one
              cal works?                      stay in the campus and take online   of the major reasons Amity is most
                                              classes from their hostel rooms. They
              Talking of this, we have created vir-  can get internet connectivity in the   sought after Universities. Now be-
              tual labs. Here students can use the   campus.                    cause of the pandemic, do you think
              labs for their practicals and experi-                             students will miss out on it and how
              ments. For clinical experiments which   Many students had plans to get a job   can it be compensated?
              are not possible via virtual labs, we   after their graduation. But most of it   Campus life is campus life. As per the
              will be focussing on completing the   has now come to a halt. What is your   situations I need to go to the campus
              theory as of now, later the lab based   word of advice for them?  now and then with all safety meas-
              classes will be held. Also these class-  My advice to all the students is to   ures. When I enter the campus, the
              es will be planned keeping the ease   first take care of their well being and   campus now feels so lonely.
              of the students in mind. No student   safety.
              will be forced to attend the class, only                          The hustle and bustle, students roam-

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