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masks and sanitizers that are a must   students can approach the trained   sectors which are highly affected
              nowadays. We have distributed the   and professional counsellors anytime   due to pandemic. However, these
              masks to people.                if they are facing any psychological   webinars aim to inform students that
                                              issues.                         not everything is lost. The sectors will
              So these are all we have done to cope                           eventually bounce back and getting
              with COVID-19 and we are preparing   Then we decided on how to support   tensed or worried is not a solution.
              for the next academic session.  our faculties and staff. For that, we
                                              started the faculty emergency sup-  How different will be the post COVID-
              When the lockdown was first an-  port services.                 19 and pre COVID-19 era, especially
              nounced in March what was the first                             in the education sector?
              instinct of the University? How did   Thirdly, we started taking weekly
              you move around it, what was the   reports on the well being of the   In pre-COVID era we always valued
              first step?                     students. We try to extend help in   face to face education. All emphasis
                                              case of need and provide all sorts of   was on the brick and mortar factors,
              As I said earlier, the first step was   online resources to our students like   having big campus buildings and
              the safety and the well being of the   e-books, e-library, etc to help them as   all. Value of distance education and
              students, and second was to ensure   much as possible. All resources have   online education wasn’t known to all.
              that the learning doesn’t stop for   been made accessible from anywhere   But now the people have started to
              them. We directed the students to go   and anytime.             realise the power of technology.
              back to their homes, hostelers were
              also asked to move back, however,   Very impressive. Everyone is focus-  So here are the following things that
              some international students could   ing on online teaching right now   can happen:
              not go back. They were with us on   but education, as a whole, is a lot   Mobility: Now fewer students will
              the campus till May. The last inter-  more than just classes. How is Amity   opt for international education. I am
              national students to stay back with   compensating that during this pan-  not saying that it will finish but will
              us was from Afghanistan. We kept   demic?                       definitely reduce. Even travelling to
              the hostel cafeteria open and asked   We did a lot of planning at the   far off states will be restricted.
              the staff to take care of the students   start, due to which we are able to
              staying there. Facilities provided to   hold awareness campaigns for the   Use of technology will increase: UGC
              such students comprises paramedics,   students, faculties, community and   and MHRD are promoting online edu-
              security etc.                                                   cation. Earlier not all Universities had
                                              others. Since the spread of the virus   approval to provide online degrees.
              One of the challenges that we have   many discontinued the newspaper   Amity was the first University of India
              been facing is the examination of   subscription, we stayed connected   to receive it but given the situation,
              the students. We are conducting the   viaTwitter, Instagram, Facebook,   UGC has approved all the Universi-
              online examinations, almost 50% of   Linkedin etc. Also, we encouraged the   ties, which meet the set conditions.
              the exams are already over. Keeping   faculties and students to download
              the current situation in mind, semes-  the Aarogya Setu app to know the   Fee might be reduced: With changing
              ter as well as entrance exams for   COVID-19 status around them and   times certain programmes may lose
              admissions are being held online.  stay safe.                   their popularity and hence their fee
                                                                              might be reduced.
              This is what happened when the
              lockdown started. However, as we
              have seen since March a lot has
              changed. So what is the approach
              of Amity now about the lockdown,   Online learning will be the way of life in
              COVID-19 and everything?
                                              the times to come.
              We all are working from home and
              are well prepared from the begin-
              ning. Amity has its branches across   Another concern was how to connect   Online learning will be the way of life
              the globe and we need to maintain   with the industry as Amity always   in the times to come.
              uniformity in all our campuses. Thus,   believes in Industry connect. We
              most of the things were already   had conducted nearly 1900 online   No one could have imagined the
              online. That was not a big challenge   webinars for our students until now.   current situation back in January.
              for us.                         Every day, around 25 to 30 webinars   How is Amity preparing for future
                                                                              crisis situations? Is there any crisis
              But the biggest challenge was that if   are conducted and as we speak, few   management programme that the
              the students were not able to meet   are going on right now as well.   University is planning?
              us face to face how can we keep their   The Industry connect webinars have
              motivation high throughout? So we   many roles to play. Students get to   We already have a disaster manage-
              made the Amity counselling center. It   know and learn about different sec-  ment programme. But COVID-19 is
              is called as Amity Centre for Guid-  tors like insurance, banking, manufac-  a very different kind of disaster, it is
              ance and Counselling (ACGC) and is   turing, telecom, tourism hospitality,   like a natural disaster. Now the team
              very active. It is a 24X7 service, where   aviation, etc. sectors. These are the   is reviewing the situation and we will
                                                                              try to include the pandemic under

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