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              OF STUDENTS WITH DR.

              BALVINDER SHUKLA

           LEADER DIARIES  Menjoy and enjoy what   First of all, thank you for having me.   Dealing with the situation was not
                                              Hello ma’am, how are you? How are
                                                                              keeping morale high and ensuring the
                         y father has taught me
                                              you coping with COVID-19 situation?
                         a couple of things. He
                                                                              engagement of students.
                         always used to say,
                         “Do what you really
                                                                              difficult for us. We started using an
                                              I am doing fine. I am thankful that at
                                                                              online teaching medium the next day
                                              this time my entire family is with me.
              you do. Don't do anything that you
                                                                              the lockdown was announced. We are
                                              How do you think COVID-19 has
              consider a burden. Once you feel like
                                                                              using face to face remote teaching
                                              impacted the education space? And
              it is a burden you will not be able to
                                                                              and during the month of March to
                                              How is Amity University dealing with
              satisfy yourself.” Dr. Balvinder Shukla,
                                                                              April we had 1,65,000 classes and our
                                              the situation?
              has been following this philosophy
                                                                              faculty developed 6000+ e-content.
              throughout her life and career.

                                              the educational sector and it is not
                                                                              we have campuses in 17 countries,
              An intelligent female, with forward
                                              going to be the same anymore. Amity
                                                                              we have schools that run groups of
              thinking, she is heading Amity
                                              University is closely monitoring the
                                                                              175000 students, so without wasting
              University, Uttar Pradesh, as a Vice   The pandemic has really changed   As a group, Amity has 10 Universities,
                                              global pandemic and our priority is
              Chancellor. Throughout these tough   the safety of our students and the   any time we got online classes for
              times, priority has been the safety of   staff.                 everyone online.
              the students and the staff. Yet, Amity                          Our faculties have also been engaged
              University has not compromised with   We have been in constant touch with   in producing research papers. Thou-
              the education quality. In a one on one   the students and faculty mem-  sands of research papers have been
              talk with Dr Shukla, we unveiled how   bers and have been keeping them   published in this period. Faculties and
              Amity University efficiently coping   updated about what is happening at   students of Amity are also engaged
              with the pandemic and is leading in   the University. You see, at this time, it   in developing low cost ventilators,
              the new era of education.       is not just about teaching, it is about
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