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Leaders Diaries                                                              Experts Talk

            6                                                                              16

          On success and safety                                                Evolution in teaching
          of students with Dr                                                    and learning with
          Balvinder Shukla                                                       Prof Neeraj Gupta

                                                                                  When teachers
                                              Thinking long
                                                                              matched the skills of
                                              term for fruitful
                                                                              gen-z, for gen-z with
                                              outcomes with
                                                                               Dr Durgesh Tripathi
                                              Mr Ashok Ghosh

                                           28                                 NEET, coaching, stu-
                                                                                dents' rights: Hon-
                Beginning of a              Test from home:
          4                                                                    est talk with Dr Amit
                new world                 Embracing the new                              Gupta

               Plight of schools            avatar of exams
         48    amidst pandemic
               21 Free online
          51   courses to en-                                                   Overcoming chal-

               hance your CV                 Coronavirus war-                  lenges, one step at a
                                             riors: Students who
                                                                               time, with Dr Seema
                                             made a difference
                       14                                                                 Shah
                                             Pros and cons of
                                       56    online classes
                                                                                    Hall of Fame

                                             Traditional schooling
                                       57    vs online schooling
                       The                                                       36     Aarshiya Mittal
                                                  Light Byte  In memory of
                   pyramid                             44                        37     Ayush Sankaran

               Insight Edge                           and conference             38     Praneet Raj

                   On choosing a                    Nex Gen                      39     Tripathy Divya-
            50     career and the                                                       jyoti Senapati
                   changing face of                Free app for JEE, NEET
                   education                 58    by IITM startup               41     Eknoor Singh

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