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                                              Warm greetings, and welcome to Spectrum, the
                                              magazine by Aglasem.

                                                  f you have come across the   and assessment et al.
                                                  words “unprecedented”, “chal-
                                                  lenging”, “dark times” more than   But arguably the worst demons are
                                                  once in the past months, and are   the ones we cannot see - panic,
                                                  quite weary of them by now, we   anxiety, ignorance, misinformation.
                                                  hear you. But can we ignore the   As education leaders spend long
                                                  “crisis” simply because we have   days and nights to implement new
                                            Igotten bored of it?              solutions, we bring Spectrum as a
                                                                              platform to collate and present the
                                              While many of us are stepping out   meaningful.
                                              of our safe spaces and trying to go
                                              about our daily life as before, truth be   Through Spectrum, we want to bring
                                              told, things are no longer the same.   movements in the education and
                                              Whether we like it or not, living with   career space to the forefront; to
                                              COVID-19 is the new reality.    highlight the work that’s being done,
              Spectrum is a                                                   and get involved. Most important of
              movement to con-                On one hand it is heartening to see   all, we want to provide an inclusive
                                                                              forum for the community, where eve-
                                              that the education space has reacted
              nect and empower                extremely maturely to the situation:   ryone can bring their work together
              a community of                  classes went online almost overnight,   to learn and be inspired by the work
                                                                              of others.
                                              assessments and examinations were
              engaged stakehold-              redesigned, and there has been an
              ers to share their              impeccable level of coordination,   Thank you, for joining us in this beau-
                                              commitment, and communication
                                                                              tiful journey.
              work and ideas in               between the administrators, faculty,
              the world of edu-               students, and all other stakeholders
                                              involved. On the other hand there
              cation and career,              are evident challenges that these
                                              changes bring like requirements of
              learn from each                 access to technology, adaptability to
              other, and foster in-           new methods of teaching, learning,   ANWESHA BOSE

              ABOUT AGLASEM                                                    THE TEAM

              Aglasem Edutech Pvt Ltd is an Indian EdTech company, in operations since   EDITORIAL
              2012. The portal and various apps of the same provides study
              materials and updates on education for school studies, entrance exams, college   Anand Meena, Anwesha Bose, Ifrah
              admissions, government jobs, talent search exams, olympiads. What started as   Rehman, Arunima Sharma, Ginni Tyagi,
              a simple way of helping the student community with study notes, and papers   Mamona Majumdar, Juel Parag, Yogesh
              back when the founders were in college, has today transformed into a move-  Chawla
              ment where information, resources and guidance is available to all students and   FEATURES EDITOR
              govt job aspirants. All thanks to the growing community of millions of students,
              teachers, educators and aspirants.                               Laxman Sharma

              2    AUG 2020                                                                      SPECTRUM
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