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              THINKING LONG TERM


              WITH MR ASHOK GHOSH

              "The education system will be completely trans-
              formed when this is over"

                      hange is the only constant   decade in the academic scenario, and
                      in life. The popular adage   responses of our guest reflected the
                      has been taught to us right   immense pride and responsibility he
                      from the early years of our   took in being the flag bearer of one
             Cchildhood. However, dare        of the most successful educational
              we say, COVID-19 has played the role   institutions in India. Situated just out
              of the instructor who taught us how   of Udaipur, Rajasthan, SPSU is one
              to accept change and grow with it.   of the 70 odd private universities in
              At Aglasem, we have always shared   the state of Rajasthan. The varsity
              a common vision to contribute to   operates through two schools i.e.
              the academic scenario of the nation.   the School of Management and the
              Amidst such rough times, we thrived   School of Engineering. At both these
              to connect with peers who have dedi-  institutions, programs are offered at
              cated their lives to the regulation and   three levels i.e. Undergraduate, Post-
              development of the academic success   graduate, and Doctorate.
              of the youth of our nation.
                                              Mr Ashok Ghosh's words provide
              Recently, we had the opportunity to   some highly inspirational insights
              connect with Mr. Ashok Ghosh, the   into the way that contemporary insti-
              President and Trustee of Sir Pad-  tutions of the nation have accepted
              ampat Singhania University through   and implemented unprecedented
              an online session. Must we say, the   change; a change that was inevitably
              session that lasted for some minutes   brought upon us by the disastrous
              shy of an hour, was indeed a learn-  pandemic created by the COVID-19
              ing experience from one of the peers   virus. However, going through the
              bearing the flaming torch of wisdom   view of Mr. Ghosh, we explored the
              and knowledge in the academic sce-  highly positive stance that academi-
              nario of India.                 cians and mentors engaged in the
                                              academic development of students in
              Sir Padampat Singhania University   our nation are bearing.
              has been in operation for more than a

              The academic staff has been committed
              to the design and implementation of a

              new academic routine and our students
              have been extremely supportive in their

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