Re launching the AglaSem Forum – a thousand more miles to go!

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We have been bombarded with questions about a hundred different exams and admissions. While it has always been a wonderful experience for us sharing the knowledge and information, we wanted to make your experience better.

The beauty of internet is that there are no limits to enhancing user experience. With technology changing faster than we can ever imagine, it is our duty as a technology and user focused team to make sure you get nothing but the best.

From the early days of AglaSem, there is one thing that we have recognized and treasured – Your experience with us. It was just not enough to only post about information. Getting your feedback and answering queries on a one to one basis has been very important from day one. To do this, we had launched AglaSem Forum quite some time ago.

The concept of forum and communities was pretty new per se and we have learned a lot in the journey. A few hurdles that the community at AglaSem Forum has faced included spam management, trust building and signal to noise ratio.

We began to wonder. Would it be better to scrap the idea totally and move on with on-page-discussions on our posts and articles? Would it be better to have a chat system? What can we possibly do to make sure that you get your answers, on time?

The answers are now here with the new AglaSem Forum. This time we have tried not to leave any stone unturned. Features such as compatibility with devices, quicker response management and simple categorization, this discussion forum should be easier to use and give you all that you need.



At the end of the day, what ultimately makes a forum, a community to cherish is its users. We welcome you to explore the new AglaSem Forum and share your experience. Let us know what you liked and what more you expect. We will be glad to help 24 x 7.

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