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Nov 12 , 2022

Get here Previous Year Question Papers for all important entrance exams, competitive exams and state boards.

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How are previous year question papers by Aglasem helpful?

When students prepare for exams, they study the syllabus, and solve exercise questions. However that does not prepare them about the type of questions they will face in exam, weightage of different topics, and difficulty level. Previous year question papers are actual papers of the exam and thus present exact idea of these aspects. Thus, students are better prepared to face the exam after solving previous year question papers.

Moreover, if students solve the previous year papers in a mock test environment and in a timed manner then they tremendously build their speed and accuracy too.

Speed and accuracy development with previous year question papers

In most of the entrance exams, you get 2-3 minutes max to solve a question. In some, it is even less. But when you are solving questions on your own, from books, you spend more time. Then on the day of exam, paper appears lengthy because of this reason.

Therefore it is highly recommended that you solve previous year papers in a timed manner (ie solve the paper in exactly the time which is the duration of the exam), and in a mock test environment (ie without any disturbance, phone, or anything else).

The correct way of solving previous year question papers

You may be thinking what is the big deal with how you are solving the paper? Let us explain.

Performing well in exam is a mental battle as much as it is about your preparation.

Many students panic during the exam and all their hard work of several years goes down the drain. However there is data to suggest that students who take more mock tests, solve previous year papers, and sample papers in a simulated examination environment, tend to be more calm and composed in the exam, and can thus perform better.

What is this simulated exam environment and how to do it?

A simulated exam environment means copying the sort of exam environment you will get on the day of exam.

You need the following for a pen and paper based test:

You need the following for a computer based test:

As far as quietness and noise levels of the room is concerned, there is no need for pin drop silence, but relative silence will be good. In the center, you will be surrounded by people who will quietly take the test. But there will be ambient sound of fan, people walking, pen scratching, keyboard noises, mouse noises.