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National Defence Academy (NDA) & Naval Academy (NA). The NDA exam is conducted by UPSC for admission to the Army, Navy and Air Force wings of the NDA. This exam is a gateway for candidates looking forward to joining Defence Forces including Army, Navy and Air Force.

Mock Test 🏆
NDA General Science Physics (English)
NDA General Science Chemisty (English)
NDA General Science Biology (English)
NDA General Studies History (English)
NDA General Studies Geography (English)
NDA General Studies Polity English
NDA General Studies Economics English
NDA General Studies General Knowledge English
NDA English Comprehension
NDA English Idioms And Phrases 2022
NDA English Antonyms
NDA English Synonyms
NDA English Reconstruction of Sentences
NDA English Sentence Completion 2022
NDA English Improvement Of Sentence
NDA English Spotting Error
NDA Math Miscellaneous (English)
NDA Math Probability English
NDA Math Statistics English
NDA Math Vector Alzebra English
NDA Math Differential Equation (English)
NDA Math Area Under The Curves (English)
NDA Math Definite Integrals (English)
NDA Math Indefinite Integrals English
NDA Math Application Of Derivatives English
NDA Math Differentiation English
NDA Math Limit, Continuity And Differentiability English
NDA Math Functions English
NDA Math Three Dimensional Geometry English
NDA Math Conic Section English
NDA Math Circle English
NDA Math Coordinate System And Straight Line English
NDA Math Height And Distance English
NDA Math Inverse Circular Functions English
NDA Math Trigonometric Ratios Of Angles And Equations English
NDA Math Determinants English 2022
NDA Math Matrics English
NDA Math Binomial Theorem English
NDA Math Permutations And Combinations English
NDA Math Quadratic Equations And Inequations English
NDA Math Sequences And Series English
NDA Math Complex Numbers English
Set Relation And Function English
NDA - Maths
NDA - GAT English
NDA - GAT GK (Hindi)
NDA GAT Maths (Hindi)
Admission Info

More About UPSC NDA

This is a national level exam conducted twice a year: NDA I and NDA II to help candidates make a career in Defence services. National Defence Academy & Naval Academy (NDA & NA) Examination will be a two-step process where candidates first need to take the exam and then qualify the personality test or interview conducted by the Service Selection Board (SSB). The UPSC is solely responsible for issuing guidelines for selection and the final conduct of the entrance examination.

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