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Did you know that scientists are successfully conducting late-stage trials on the COVID-19 vaccine, and expect first use by early 2021? That’s good news!

But until then, the world as we know it has changed completely. Millions of healthcare workers, other essential workers around the world are fighting a war on a daily basis to curb the spread of the virus and save lives.

And do you know how you and I can help them? By knowing and implementing. We can take so many small steps on a daily basis that will SAVE LIVES. And what does that make you? … It makes you a CORONA WARRIOR!! You can be a Corona Warrior by participating in this Corona Warrior Knowledge Challenge.

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  • 1. Fill up the form to take part in the challenge.
  • 2. It is open for all - age no bar to become a corona warrior!
  • 3. Sharpen your knowledge on COVID-19 and happenings around it.
  • 4. Log in to the online knowledge challenge on the informed date and time and complete the challenge.

Challenge Description

It will be a 1 hour long challenge.

There will be MCQ questions, subjective questions, and a creative challenge.

The challenge will be monitored online so no cheating! :)

What you need

Laptop or PC with webcam and mic OR smartphone. (You can do a system check before the challenge starts for device compatibility)

Internet connection.

Keep plain white papers ready with you to attempt the subjective questions if you need to write the answers.

Have some stationery items like colors, sketch pens, pencil colors, colors for the creative challenge.

Date & Time Of Challenge

5 Aug 2020 : 4 PM to 5 PM

Give Test on Laptop

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