AglaSem Careers section launched

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About AglaSem Careers Section.

We have been helping school  & college students far. But after getting a large number of queries for job recruitment, we realized, that to be the “complete study & career help” , we need to give introduce a section for job seekers too. Especially considering students who want to join government sector to serve mother India, there is a tremendous amount of support these aspirants need.

The basic structure of Aglasem Career, was proposed by a friend. He spent a lot of time in determining all the required sub sections, the material required and the initial examinations to cover.


Our dedication and hard work paid off well and soon students from all parts of the country started hitting Aglasem Careers for various resources. It has been only few months and already the visitor count has crossed 75000 per day. This figure makes a major contribution in Aglasem stats, making Aglasem now among top 500 websites in India.

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