AglaSem Careers section launched

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About AglaSem Careers Section. We have been helping school  & college students far. But after getting a large number of queries for job recruitment, we realized, that to be the “complete study & career help” , we need to give introduce a section for job seekers too. Especially considering students who want to join government sector to serve mother India, there is a tremendous amount of … Read More

AglaSem Talent Search being launched at KVs to nurture talents in schools

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ATS to be conducted by AglaSem in collaboration with Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan is a first of its kind test based programme that would be entirely based on KVS Syllabus and would combine all the subjects in a single examination aiming to promote e-learning, giving students hands on experience with computer based tests and helping students realize their true potential.   … Read More

Aglasem featured in “Case Studies in Marketing Management”

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When students at India’s premier B School learn the tricks of marketing and management from case studies, it becomes all the more relevant and fun if the case studies are closer to home and more recent. With this in mind, Mr Ramendra Singh, Assistant professor at IIM Calcutta set out to bring a casebook on marketing management with 15 cases … Read More

Aglasem Edutech Pvt Ltd

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It definitely is a proud moment for us. Now Aglasem is Aglasem Edutech Pvt Ltd! We have been promising you that Aglasem is here to stay. We are definitely going to get bigger and better. And here we are! We keep our promises friends! A huge thanks to the millions of users of Aglasem who helped us keep the determination … Read More

AglaSem launches IIT JEE branch predictor for students

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The IIT JEE 2012 results were declared on Friday, 18th May for admissions in the prestigious Indian Institutes of Technologies in India. Over 5 lakh students had appeared for the exam held on April 8, 2012 and out of those about 24,000 students have secured ranks in various categories. The process that follows for admissions includes online filling of choices … Read More

AglaSem Schools section launched

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About AglaSem Schools Section. We have been helping college student community so far. But after getting a large number of queries from school students, we realized, that to be the “complete student help” , we need to give introduce a section for school students too. Especially considering that your career is determined in the school higher classes itself, there is … Read More