AglaSem Talent Search being launched at KVs to nurture talents in schools

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ATS to be conducted by AglaSem in collaboration with Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan is a first of its kind test based programme that would be entirely based on KVS Syllabus and would combine all the subjects in a single examination aiming to promote e-learning, giving students hands on experience with computer based tests and helping students realize their true potential.


Students across the country from a very tender age have recognized the concept of high competition when it comes to education and career. On one hand teachers and parents work day and night to help a student achieve heights of success, on another hand the student attempts to cope up with the plethora of subjects and tries to understand the essentials of managing time and work.

For someone to succeed in life, that it is important to identify their strengths and weaknesses early is a proven fact. Thus, in a further attempt to help students analyze these, AglaSem EduTech Pvt. Ltd. In collaboration with Kendriya Vidyalayas is launching the AglaSem Talent Search. The Talent Search will encompass three rounds, first and last being 1 hour online tests and the middle round a half an hour written test spread over five months. Students can participate in the Talent Search free of cost. The top three rankers will be awarded scholarships.

Most importantly, a complete analysis of each test taker’s strong and weak subjects shall be done and this will help the student as well as the school understand which areas need to be worked upon with the child. Apart from that, as more and more entrance exams are moving towards online platforms in India (latest to be included is the Joint Entrance Exams), AglaSem Talent Search will also be held online, in a CBT format for two rounds. This will thus help the student gain experience of CBT formats.

The KV Sangathan runs more than 1000 Kendriya Vidyalayas in India. The lakhs of students studying these reputed schools belong to various social and economic backgrounds. Giving a level platform to all these students to compete against each other and at the same time helping them find out how they can improve their performance is a commendable move by the KVS.

ATS aspires to look for young minds that are a cut above the rest, as well as helping students realize their true potential.

Going beyond just a monotonous test, ATS not only restricts itself to conduct a test but further involves a student with its online interactive discussion forum that would provide students with conversations and doubt clearance among the teachers and students.

After the orientations of the students in the schools, every student would be able to register himself/herself through the AglaSem website ( for the program. The tentative schedule of the program as per the discussions between AglaSem and KVS would be spanned over five months starting from September. The first round would conclude in the final week of September with the second round commencing in December. Meanwhile the students would be provided by their test results and the entire analysis of their performance. After the second round, AglaSem would declare the cumulative rankings of the two rounds, and based on that the students would be shortlisted for the final round of the program. Final performances reports would also be shared with the students subsequently.

Students will also get five online practice tests prior to the initiation of the first round to provide students with a handful experience of the online testing before they attempt the ATS rounds.

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