AglaSem EduCon 2013 – What our logo signifies (concept design)

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When we set out to design the concept logo for AglaSem EduCon 2013, the one key point we kept in mind was to keep it simple. We asked ourselves, What is EduCon? Who does the platform represent? What do we wish to achieve? How do we plan to achieve what we wish to? The answers that echoed were as follows

What is EduCon?

EduCon is the single platform to bring together people from the field of education, technology and innovation. With the cumulative efforts of each, together create a revolution for education and technology.

Who does the platform represent?

  • The Pro – Established individuals, organizations who have set milestones in their respective work.
  • The Newbies – Newcomers who have the zeal and talent to do something unique and noteworthy. The only thing they need is guidance and resources.
  • The Brains – Brains behind the research and advancement in the latest innovations.
  • The talent seekers – Those on the lookout for the best ideas and talents and willing to give them the right resources to turn their dreams into a reality.
  • The motivators – These individuals have such a name and position in the field of education and technology that merely listening to their experiences and words of wisdom would be enough to kickstart an entire new adventure for anyone.

What do we wish to achieve

Simply – to initiate an era of development in education.

How will we achieve this?

By answering the call of duty – active discussion and debate to validate what the need of the hour is via Panel Discussion. » Identifying the enthusiastic talented teams who will take the right steps towards tackling these issues via B Plan Competition and Research Paper Presentation » Recignizing and honoring those who have taken commendable steps towards innovation learning and technology via EduCon Awards » Give a chance to exhibit ideas, products and services via Exhibitions.

Thus, the concept logo proposed is as follows

Red – Signifying undying enthusiasm. They shall determine how the future of our revolution plans out.
Yellow – The visionaries who have the already established themselves and will be a helping hand to the new talent.
Blue – Success.


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