3 Best AI-based Paraphrasing Tools for Academic Writing

Sep 22 , 2022

Writing unique assignments without a single trace of plagiarism can be challenging for students. It requires a lot of effort and time to write uniquely. Anyhow, if they leverage AI then this hours-long task can be done within seconds. 

There are some AI-based paraphrasing tools that take no time to remove plagiarism and help the students craft unique, clearer assignments with ease. 

In this article, we will discuss how AI paraphrasing helps to achieve uniqueness and which are the best AI-based paraphrasing tools for academic writing. 

How AI Paraphrasing Tools Helps to Write Uniquely?

There are two types of AI that helps to write uniquely: one that crafts unique content from scratch and the other that rewrite a content to make it unique. Either way, AI serves the best to remove plagiarism and achieve uniqueness in writing. 

For now, our focus is on the AI technology that enables an online tool to rewrite a piece of text in unique wording. You are right, we are talking about AI-based paraphrasing tools. 

The paraphrasing tools use advanced NLP algorithms to recreate a content using different and better wording. The focus of AI isn’t only on removing plagiarism but on improving quality as well. 

There is no doubt that if taught well then AI can write faster and better than a typical human mind. Likewise, if a paraphrasing tool is based on an advanced AI technology, then it can surely simplify and improve the way we write anything. 

The AI technology enables an online tool to restructure and reword a given piece of content in accordance with the context.

AI thoroughly analyzes the content to understand the intent and then accordingly substitutes synonyms, change sentence structure, and if required then completely change the wording to express the intended meaning in a clearer way. It makes sure to provide better and unique alternatives to the given content.

Most importantly, AI lets the users perfect the diction, tone, and voice of content as per the context and required style of writing. For instance, if you are writing an academic assignment, then you can paraphrase casually written statements in a completely formal wording with a coherent text flow. This is the best way to write something more uniquely and more clearly. 

What are the Best AI-based Paraphrasing Tools For Academic Writing?

Your search for the best AI-based paraphrasing tools for academic writing has come to an end.  

We are here to provide you with quick insights about the tools that uses edge-cutting AI technology to help students craft unique, clearer assignments without any hassle. 

Of all the paraphrasing tools available in the market, we have chosen up only the 3 best tools. You can rely on these AI paraphrasers to write faster and better than ever.

Let’s discuss the prominent features of each tool in detail: 

1.   Editpad  

Editpad.org list of AI tools is so long that you will get tired of counting. Anyhow, for your ease, we have picked up its paraphrasing tool that takes only a second to rewrite academic assignments in unique wording. 

There is no doubt that Editpad’s paraphrasing tool is one of the best options among AI rewriters. It accurately understands the context in which a text is written and then accordingly rewrite it. Moreover, it makes sure to improve writing style along with maintaining uniqueness. 

The notable features of Editpad.org Paraphrasing Tool include:

It is best for students and researchers who need to paraphrase lengthy assignments on a regular basis. 

2.   Wordtune

Wordtue is the best AI-based paraphraser that students can use to perfect their academic writing skills and achieve clarity in their statements. 

Its AI works effectively to rewrite given statements in clearer, unique, and more formal wording. It lets you specify a rewriting mode so that you can modify the words, tone, and voice accordingly. 

It is much more than a simple plagiarism removing tool. You can learn from its pertinent writing suggestions to improve your skills. 

The notable features of Wortune that makes it ideal for paraphrasing academic assignments includes:

Wordtune is a premium paraphrasing tool. You can rewrite only 20 times a day using its free version. If you want unlimited rewrites and access to all rewriting modes then you must upgrade to a premium plan. 

3.   Rephrase

Rephrase.info is a one-stop solution to meet the writing needs of students and researchers. Along with a wide range of AI writing tools, it features a highly functional paraphrasing tool that quickly and accurately rewrites the given passages. 

There are three paraphrasing modes available from which you can choose as required. Fluency, and standard rewriting modes are free to use but creative mode is premium. Leveraging any of these modes, you can improve the quality of your academic assignments. 

Using Rephrase.info, you can easily paraphrase long-form contents in a single go. It works just fine to remove plagiarism and achieve clarity.

The notable features of Rephrase.info that makes it suitable for academic writing are as follows:

You can upgrade to a premium plan to leverage all the advanced features and paraphrase your academic assignments in the best way possible. 

Bottom Line

If you are looking for the best AI-based paraphrasing tool to craft unique and error-free academic assignments including essays, thesis, and research papers then you can choose from Editpad.org, Word tune, and Rephrase.info. All of these tools offer high-level precision and efficiency, making it easier for you to remove plagiarism and improve quality.