Are we bold enough to allow distribution of condoms in schools and colleges?

The outlook towards sex related issues is rapidly changing in our country. We are freer discussing sex education and awareness about sexually transmitted diseases. In fact, Jamia Millia Islamia in Delhi set up youth Friendly Health Care (YHFC) that was inaugurated this August. What was taboo till a few years back is now a relatively more formally, less insecurely discussed issue.

But, despite our rhetoric about “Chalo condom”, are we liberal enough to see a condom vending machine in our college campus? Even if we leave aside schools, are colleges prepared for it? What will you say when you see your friend slipping a condom from the machine? Are you sure you will not think something is funny?

In India, the legal age to get married is well around the age of a college student. And well, if you permit me, I would like to enlighten you with the fact that Age of Consent is 18. So technically, you might be in need of a condom at the age of 18, just out of school….Reducing rates of sexually transmitted diseases and unintended pregnancies especially in the teenage group  can be tackled in a three pronged way: abstinence only programs, safe sex education, making condoms available in schools/colleges. There is no statistics that show one way is better than the other. But common sense will tell that the third option is the practical one.

AIDS needs to be tackled, we say; and then what do we do? Hesitate in buying condoms? There is an unfathomed reason behind openly buying a condom. For heaven’s sake, even a married man will think twice before asking for a condom in a chemist’s shop. You can well imagine that if parents turn out this way, they can really not enlighten their kids about The birds and the bees!

Condoms are not aliens. Lets come to terms with reality and accept that it is a part of a healthy life. It is as normal and usual as going for shopping on a normal day. Considering you wouldn’t be embarrassed buying vitamin pills to stay fit, then why a condom?

So ready to see the condom vending machine in your campus?

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