As the rain falls sweetly on the window pane, I cant help remembering the Dar Williams song… The beauty of the rain…

And you know the light is fading all too soon

You’re just two umbrellas one late afternoon
You don’t know the next thing you will say
This is your favorite kind of day
It has no walls
The beauty of the rain
Is how it falls, how it falls, how it falls

And there’s nothing wrong but there is something more
And sometimes you wonder what you love her for
She says you’ve known her deepest fears
‘Cause she’s shown you a box of stained-glass tears
It can’t be all
The truth about the rain
Is how it falls, how it falls, how it falls

But when she gave you more to find
You let her think she’d lost her mind
And that’s all on you
Feeling helpless if she asked for help
Or scared you’d have to change yourself

And you can’t deny this room will keep you warm
You can look out of your window at the storm
But you watch the phone and hope it rings
You’ll take her any way she sings
Or how she calls
The beauty of the rain
Is how it falls, how it falls, how it falls
How it falls, how it falls, how it falls

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