GATE Mock Test for Mechanical Engineering (ME) Paper

GATE Mock Test for Mechanical Engineering (ME) – Students can avail the free online mock test for GATE 2015 here. Practice for the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering by taking GATE mock tests. Given here is the practice test for mechanical engineering students. GATE Mock Test aims to give you  hands on experience of the online GATE exam. Also you can analyze your preparation and enhance your test taking skills.

Details of GATE 2015 Mock Test for ME: The test contains questions based on syllabus of GATE 2015 of mechanical engineering. Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering ME paper will contain two sections. The first section is GA (General Aptitude) that is of 15 marks.

To take the General Aptitude Test for GATE, please go to GATE Mock Test – General Aptitude.

GATE Mock Test given here consists of subject specific questions. Please note the details carefully before starting the test.

Total marks 85
Total questions 55
1 mark questions 25
2 mark questions 30
Total time 152 minutes
Types of questions MCQ, and Numerical answer type

Please note

  • In the actual GATE mechanical engineering test, total marks will be 85 (subject specific) + 15 (GA) marks.
  • There will be 65 questions in the actual GATE exam.
  • Total time for GATE 2015 ME actual exam will be 180 minutes.
  • In the actual GATE test, negative marking will also be applicable. For the sake of practice, negative marking is not there in the GATE 2015 Mock Test.

Procedure for answering a multiple choice (MCQ) type question

  • Choose one answer from the 4 options (A,B,C,D) given below the question, click on the bubble placed before the chosen option.

To answer a numerical answer type question, please keep in mind the following instructions:

  • A fraction (e.g. -0.3 or -.3) can be entered as an answer with or without ‘0’ before the decimal point. As many as four decimal points, e.g. 12.5435 or 0.003 or -932.6711 or 12.82 can be entered.

Disclaimer: The GATE Mock Tests 2015 are only for the purpose of practice. Students can get familiarized with an online test pattern using the Mock Tests for GATE. Despite practicing any number of online tests at various places, students must read the instructions carefully during the GATE exam. Pattern of questions and marking scheme can be different in the actual GATE test.

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